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Pastors wife and the need to keep face.

The world woke up to the recent case of Prophet Ofori brutally killing his wife Barbara Tammey, last week. It brought to mind a few things I would love to share with the pastors’ wife.

Photos of Tommey, the beautiful wife of the Ghanaian pastor who was shot  dead by her husband - GhPage

The pastor (or Prophet, apostle, bishop, evangelist. etc) whatever his tittle is a man like any other. The pressure of ministry is enormous and quite challenging for them. Many times the wife is at the end of the stick bearing the brunt. That being said, do not EVER BE TEMPTED TO STAY IN AN ABUSIVE MARRIAGE TO KEEP FACE. Most times the Pastors’ wife is blackmailed to remain in a toxic marriage because of the ministry. Oh if you leave him, it will destroy the Ministry; not true! it is not you destroying the ministry it is the pastor who is tearing down what he is supposed to build with his own hands.

In the Video where Sylvester threaten to kill Barbara, her brother asked her to take action but she could be heard saying “i do not want to escalate this further”. there is a lot in that statement. she is dead so we can only postulate as follows;

  1. I do not want the church to know we are having issues – they know now
  2. I do not want to be the reason his ministry is destroyed – it is now
  3. I still want to maintain my glory as “first lady” or mama in the church – sorry
  4. I am hoping he will change, after all he is a man of God – he got worse
  5. I cannot start all over again – opportunity to start again denied

All of the above finally happened and worse she is dead at 27 years. There is no tittle in heaven. You have your own purpose here on earth and should live to fulfill it. The glory and glamour that comes with being a Pastors’ wife should not blindside anyone to live in an abusive relationship. The fear of what people will say has sent many to an early grave.

Seek help if you need it. Protect yourself and your life! leave if counselling does not work for you. Be alive to fulfill your destiny! you have been called to greater. stop coming out to put up a good front while you die in silent. Take care of yourself, the pressure of running your home, career and ministry alongside your husband is immense already. Do not add the burden of an abusive spouse to it.

May the soul of Barbara Tammey rest in the Lord. I never knew or met you but i wished your life was not cut short so gruesomely. No one deserves to die in the hands of those who claim to love them.

Enough is Enough! Stop Domestic Violence! Enough is enough! speak out! Enough is Enough! stop killing women!

#BabaraTammey! #mendfences #2rutalkwithPstC,




One thought on “Pastors wife and the need to keep face.

  1. Hmm, only if she had escalated it further. She tried to avoid shame or criticism but what happened to her is worse. Thank you Mama C for this.


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