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She is a strong woman, mother to everyone, adviser and advocate, student and worker, teacher and mentor, wife and friend. Many love her, others envy her; one day, she passed out while brushing the toilet. As simple as that chore may seem; it was the accumulation of tiredness. she was overwhelmed, burnt out! So she rested.

Self love and self care is not selfishness. The Holy book says to love others as yourself, why? love needs to begin from SELF. you cannot give what you do not have. You have dreams, visions and goal for others, you want to save the world? it must begin with saving yourself first. When someone is incapable of giving and receiving love; it is probably because they have not experienced it.

Ever wondered why a very sweet and kind person becomes cold, bitter and angry over time? sometimes it is because they have given out too much of themselves and there is nothing left. In this busy and chaotic world we have found ourselves, it is very important to love and care for you.

Let me explain why this is so important; the world is cold, people are ungrateful and utterly selfish. You could literally kill yourself for them and they will not appreciate it (ask Jesus). So if you do not have a sense of self love, you will be bruised, battered, wounded and discouraged by the acts of men. (and women of course). It is therefore foremost that you develop, build, love, and respect yourself to be able to do same for others irrespective of what they throw at you.

Self-love will also require you to guard your space, your heart and your soul. To stay away from negative energies and vibes. To live your best life because you owe it to yourself and your maker. Take a break, talk to yourself, in fact applaud yourself for every little win, sleep if you need it, nourish your soul, body and generally take care of yourself. you have one life live it well.

My advise is; Before you take on the world, take on the project called self-love. Remember, self love is not selfishness.

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