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Pastors wife and the need to keep face.

The world woke up to the recent case of Prophet Ofori brutally killing his wife Barbara Tammey, last week. It brought to mind a few things I would love to share with the pastors’ wife. The pastor (or Prophet, apostle, bishop, evangelist. etc) whatever his tittle is a man like any other. The pressure ofContinue reading “Pastors wife and the need to keep face.”


MOMS’ STEP DOWN “Motherhood is a calling” according to Stormie Omartian. What are you doing with your call? Definition of motherhood  The state of being a mother; maternity.  The qualities or spirit of a mother.  Mothers collectively.       ( I like the second definition as it justifies the reason for this book. ThereContinue reading “MOMS’ STEP DOWN”