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what marriage is not II

When you see a caption like the above, what comes to your mind? for me i always ask the question; How do they do it? we hear people are married for 20, 30, 50, 70 years! in this age and time, i tell you it is no mean feat! Here is what i have deducedContinue reading “what marriage is not II”


As promised last week, i will be sharing some part of my two in one book! i cannot put everything out here! it is a must read for you and your spouse or partner! there is something in it for everyone! today we talk about Step Up – be a protector! STEP UP – BEContinue reading “EXCERPTS FROM MY BOOK “DADS STEP UP AND MOMS STEP DOWN”.”

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY -Not how far but how well

An anniversary is always a commemoration of an event or date usually a special date. Marriage or wedding Anniversaries are very common occurrence. Many friends, relatives and loved ones take time out to type messages or even buy presents during anniversaries. Some throw really big parties and invite all and sundry. However for me iContinue reading “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY -Not how far but how well”