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ode' on Twitter: "*TEACHER* : One day our country will be corruption free.  What tense is that?? *Student*: Future impossible tense... *THE STRUGGLE  CONTINUES*"


HI everyone, just feel the need to bring this issue to the fore. the picture above is that of a man named ODE A. OGHOGHO. He calls himself chairman of Viscount holdings. he is holding over 2.7 billion naira of people money in Nigeria. my money inclusive. under the guise of a microfinance bank/cooperative, this man collected our monies for over 4 years now and no refund. he is being protected by the Nigerian police, EFCC and the cooperative society directorate in FCT

it is so bad that any lawyer you contact, is intimidated into silence. the above link on the ultimatum given was one of the best move made to recover investors monies, rather than assist us, the Nigerian Police in Abuja, arrested and intimidated the then chairman Mr Okumo. As at the time of this writing, no emails, no calls, no news about our monies.

who will come to the aid of the Masses in Nigeria, this is happening under the nose of the government claiming to fight corruption. below is the last email from Viscount and Ode in 2018.

Update on Investments and LiquidationYahoo/Inbox

  • viscount cooperative <>To:and 14 more…Tue, 2 Jan 2018 at 15:16

    Dear Investors/Members/Cooperators, I am pleased to welcome you to the New Year and wish you a fruitful, fulfilling and flourishing year ahead. 2017 was an eventful year for Viscount Cooperative but ultimately, the pains of everyone was felt and all regretted. As request, that we should be given till end of December 2017 for us to use all means recover funds and begin to make payment as appropriate to members. We did all best to do, and results we recorded however not too encouraging but lots of very significant activities took place. 1.       Recovery CommitteeAs demanded and unequivocally constituted, the 25 Man Recovery Committee set-up on 30th September 2017 to join and help Viscount Cooperative pursue debtors, collaterals in order to pay people met severally and at the close of December 2017, gave ultimatum to several of these debtors which feel back was yet to be reviewed by the end of last year. If the latter aggression and pursuits of the Committee had started before 2nd week of December, much more would have been achieve but the ‘probing and investigation’ of the Cooperative and myself was very cardinal to the Committee to which I was glad they did as it gave members the confidence to go after these debtors and properties having the facts of all transactions. I am convinced that the Leadership of the Committed will give due update on their activisms to Investors that set them up. Also, inform you on demands they placed to the IGP over Viscount Cooperative and Ode Oghogho. 
    2.       Summary of AffairsIn the course of this three months, and in a bid to certify all due to members, a very elaborate Forensic Audit was done on all funds given to the Cooperative since her inception in 2011; it was realised as follows: a.)   Over 1,954 members since inception;b.)   Total managed funds is over N3billion;c.)   Total returns to member is over N5billion  Current Investments breakdown shows: a.)   71% of all Investors/Members have overtime gotten monthly returns over and above their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative, in some case over twice; b.)   22% of all Investors/Members have received not less than 60% of their given amounts via monthly returns; c.)   5% of all Investors/Members have received between 20% – 55% of their given amount via monthly returns; d.)   only 4% of Investors/Members falls on 0% -15% of their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative.  3. Schedule of Liquidation We will begin liquidating Investors this January and this will take some months but our scheduling will be set on the following Priorities: a). The 4% of Investors/Members that falls on 0% -15% of their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative; then b).  The 5% of all Investors/Members who have received between 20% – 55% of their given amount via Monthly returns to Viscount Cooperative; then, c). The 22% of all Investors/Members who have received not less than 60% of their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative; then, d).  The 71% who have received over and above their given amount to Viscount Cooperative. Our engagement to these categories will be to quickly pay the of balance funds from the total sum paid monthly while as more funds are recovered, the outstanding will be attended to more robustly.  
    4. List of all Investors, with full names, amount invested, amount paid so far. By Saturday 6th January 2018, the full and comprehensive list of all Investors, Amount Invested, Amount paid so far, other details of Investors will be published at, the Abuja Inquiry Newspaper, office of the IG of Police (Special Tactical Squad), The office of the Director of Operations, EFCC, The Chief Registrar of Cooperative, FCT and other medium as compelled by the hate-talks and denial by some persons. Please, all Investors are enjoined to verify all information contained therein to as the details will guide the Cooperative in the Course of Liquidation and further engagements.

     5. Investors using EFCC, NPF to Persecute Ode & Viscount Cooperative. I do not want to appeal to anyone not to write petitions against Viscount Cooperative or Ode but please, add your payment history to the petition as it has become very embarrassing to these agencies on most petitions when facts are presented by us and it totally contradict the lies and ill-thoughts of most complainants. Also, the principal reason why we would have to stagger Liquidations is because, since September 2017 till date, I had over new 18 Invitations, arrests and detentions despite my pleas for time to chase debtors and pay people. Same as before the meeting was held. The saddest part of this is that persons who have been paid twice their funds with the Cooperative but would manufacture stories against us to screw the anger of law enforcement agencies against Ode or the Cooperative; all these will amount to waste of precious time and further delay people from getting their money. 

    6. More Members/Cooperative Interactions and Interface. The Cooperative will open for business from 8th January 2018 restructured, better and bolder; we will do weekly updates on the website and reorganise our Customer Service Lines for closer ties to Members. 

    7. Appeal to Investors
    Sirs and Mas, we totally commend your patience and ask that we are doing all to recover these funds and have progress; some debtors have willing decided to vacate their properties after constant visits by Investors and Committee. This give more confidence that our pledge to start liquidation after December 2017 will come to fruition. Please, visit, or read Abuja Iniquiry Newspapers, or Visit the IGP STS office & 
    The Chief Registrar of Cooperative, FCT to verify the list of Investors, Amounts collected so far by Investors, and more information about coming liquidations.
     Thank you and have a favoured Year.  Ode Oghogho,CEO, Viscount Cooperative
    1. IGP Special Tactical Force;2. The Chief Registrar Of Cooperative, FCT;3. The Director of Operations, EFCC;

    The above was in 2018, please where is Ode and Viscount now, what are the police, EFCC, and statutory agents including media houses done on this matter? why is there total silence? when will investors get their monies? Somebody please help
  • #ngrpolice #ode_oghogho @ode_oghogho, #Viscountmcs #Viscountmfb #EFCC




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