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My almost twins!!!

One of my many victory stories!!! “How great is our God?”

So I had my first child and it was 3 days of difficult labour. ( we could not opt for a Cesarean because there had been revelations that I died on the operation table) well, no one told me so I kept crying to go to the theatre and end my agony! My Church family turned the hospital to a crusade ground. The prayers it seem was working for others, women in the labour ward were dropping their babies so easily and leaving while i was still there crying.

I am forever thankful for my support system. After all the “pitocin” (not sure of the spelling, medical people should not crucify me) I had my firstborn son! he was greenish and Gray (the colour of a dead child), I had lost almost all the fluid to keep him alive in the womb! There he was with a strong voice announcing his arrival. My Praise had come. Everyone was elated. Victory at last! See him now…… But God!!!

28th April

After this i was warned that one of the side effect of the prolonged labour and use of “plenty pitocin” is that my uterus may not hold another child. hmmmn, sad news but i was grateful i had my son. 6 months later I became pregnant and miscarried it. I said “oh that confirms it”. I will not carry another child. I was not trying for another, I was not looking and did not even bother to go do family planning.  And then 16 months later I realised I had missed my period for 3 months! Exactly two years after my first child I had a Princess! She was Divinely given. People always ask if we planned the dates, “No heaven did” 27th and 28th April, though 2 years apart my almost twins were born. (This story has many parts, stay here for more)

27th Aprll

Whatever thing you may have given up on will come to you when you are not even looking. Happy birthday my almost twin blessings.

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