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COVER: to place or spread something over so as to PROTECT or CONCEAL; to provide with a covering; a hiding place or shelter; to ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR A PERSON OR THING; to insure against risk; to GUARD or protect.

God is our covering. The unfailing example of a covering for us all.

Fathers as our covering

Your husband is your covering…because He is the HEAD and leader of your household.

Ephesians 5:23 For the husband is the HEAD of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.

Your husband is your covering…because He is your PROTECTOR and co-heir with you in Christ.
1 Peter 3:7 Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat her with respect as the WEAKER PARTNER and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers.

A husband is your covering…because He is your LOVER and your best of friends.
Genesis 2:25 Then man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.

A husband is your covering…because He is your PROVIDER and co-worker with you in Kingdom service.
1 Timothy 5:8 If anyone does not PROVIDE for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Dear wives: Is your husband your covering? Are you rested under his protective wings, as you would Christ? God wants you to submit to him in all things and entrust the things which are beyond your ability at His throne in prayer.

Wives as covering

It’s so easy to see the faults of our spouse and be angry at them.
I’m not saying that we, as wives, are suppose to carry all the burdens and enable our husbands in areas that aren’t healthy.
God did call us to love; and how can we not when He first loved us? (1 John 4:19)
Through setting aside my feelings and attitude in a moment where I could cover my husband and help him to shine, proved to me that being selfless is how God wants us to love each other in our marriages.
God demonstrated His own love for us, that while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8) HE COVERED US!
Who, that you know would send His one and only Son to die for us – WHILE we were sinners.
Our example is set.
Love is patient and kind.
What an opportunity we have each day to love our spouse as God asks.
Wives: It’s a beautiful, joyful blessing to cover your husband. There is no one else who can love him in this way.
Proverbs 31:11 (ESV)
“The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.”

Children as coverings
Genesis 9 vs. 20 – 23
Ham saw his fathers nakedness. Talked about it instead of taking action to cover it.
He got a curse that went beyond his generation to the next.
His brothers were blessed.
Walk in love!
Love covers multitude of sin.
Be a covering.


Patriarchal Societies and digital spaces


Patriarchal societies

Our present-day society is patriarchal in nature and characterized by issues of male dominance, male identification, male-centeredness, and obsession with control resulting in genital mutilation, malnutrition, sexual and domestic violence, online bullying, to everyday casual sexism; despite the best efforts of feminists, the issue of gender inequality still has deep roots in society. One reason is that a societal precedent of patriarchy has disadvantaged women. Studies have revealed that women and men differ regarding their interaction with technology. For instance, women show fewer capabilities and less interest in using computers than men (e.g., Hargittai and Shaw, 2015, Imhof et al., 2007, Van Deursen et al., 2015).

What is not working?

Women in IT Jobs and roles

“Women only comprise 28% of propriety software jobs in the tech world. For IT jobs, the number is low at 25%. Women executives at Fortune 500 companies are only 11%. Perhaps the worst fact is that only 5% of women entrepreneurs exist in the tech domain. In comparison, 55% of Twitter and Facebook users are women. Similarly, 60% of Zynga social gaming players are women. Among individuals holding professional jobs in the US, a majority, 56%, are women.” (Women who tech). There is a need for more excellent representation of women on the decision-making table where the algorithms are conceptualized. Men are far removed from these underlying realities as they don’t affect them; therefore, their foundational assumptions often tend to be wrong.

In the meantime, men continue to dominate technology, which only exacerbates the gender inequalities that led them to hold such powerful positions in the first place. In the field of artificial intelligence, gender bias is translated into algorithms that further seek to restrict women’s access to technology. For example, Amazon’s AI recruiting software has been trained on men’s resumes, automatically downgrading the outlines with “women’s” for accolades such as “women’s chess club captain.” Image recognition software has been taught to mirror and amplify gender roles, such as a woman cooking and a man playing sports. In text-based machine learning, software “adopted sexist views of women’s career options, association their roles with homemaking, as derived from articles on Google News.”

Online domestic abuse can include monitoring social media profiles or emails, abuse over social media such as Facebook or Twitter, sharing intimate photos or videos without your consent, and using GPS locators or spyware.

Where have we done well? The positives!

Shifting internet demographics: Women have caught up to men online. Younger women and black women outpace their male peers. Older women lag dramatically.

The provision of Safe places provided for women, by women.

The awareness against domestic abuse in Nigeria, for example, “Mendfences”. Women’s aid, the refuge

WhatsApp groups where women share ideas, – – the story of Ruth – A Phone saved my life


Opportunities to create your own voice and not be silenced.

What still needs doing?

Provision of access to technology and the internet nearly 3bn people, or 37% of the global population, have never been online despite the rise in use during pandemic

Female mentors and coaches

Women supporting women – the creation of women-friendly apps and sites

Employment of women in IT jobs

Encouraging girls to study maths, sciences, and algorithms

 Increased awareness


My almost twins!!!

One of my many victory stories!!! “How great is our God?”

So I had my first child and it was 3 days of difficult labour. ( we could not opt for a Cesarean because there had been revelations that I died on the operation table) well, no one told me so I kept crying to go to the theatre and end my agony! My Church family turned the hospital to a crusade ground. The prayers it seem was working for others, women in the labour ward were dropping their babies so easily and leaving while i was still there crying.

I am forever thankful for my support system. After all the “pitocin” (not sure of the spelling, medical people should not crucify me) I had my firstborn son! he was greenish and Gray (the colour of a dead child), I had lost almost all the fluid to keep him alive in the womb! There he was with a strong voice announcing his arrival. My Praise had come. Everyone was elated. Victory at last! See him now…… But God!!!

28th April

After this i was warned that one of the side effect of the prolonged labour and use of “plenty pitocin” is that my uterus may not hold another child. hmmmn, sad news but i was grateful i had my son. 6 months later I became pregnant and miscarried it. I said “oh that confirms it”. I will not carry another child. I was not trying for another, I was not looking and did not even bother to go do family planning.  And then 16 months later I realised I had missed my period for 3 months! Exactly two years after my first child I had a Princess! She was Divinely given. People always ask if we planned the dates, “No heaven did” 27th and 28th April, though 2 years apart my almost twins were born. (This story has many parts, stay here for more)

27th Aprll

Whatever thing you may have given up on will come to you when you are not even looking. Happy birthday my almost twin blessings.

#motivations #lifelessons #mendfences #familyvalues #testimonies #victory #myblessings #itwillcometoyou


She is a strong woman, mother to everyone, adviser and advocate, student and worker, teacher and mentor, wife and friend. Many love her, others envy her; one day, she passed out while brushing the toilet. As simple as that chore may seem; it was the accumulation of tiredness. she was overwhelmed, burnt out! So she rested.

Self love and self care is not selfishness. The Holy book says to love others as yourself, why? love needs to begin from SELF. you cannot give what you do not have. You have dreams, visions and goal for others, you want to save the world? it must begin with saving yourself first. When someone is incapable of giving and receiving love; it is probably because they have not experienced it.

Ever wondered why a very sweet and kind person becomes cold, bitter and angry over time? sometimes it is because they have given out too much of themselves and there is nothing left. In this busy and chaotic world we have found ourselves, it is very important to love and care for you.

Let me explain why this is so important; the world is cold, people are ungrateful and utterly selfish. You could literally kill yourself for them and they will not appreciate it (ask Jesus). So if you do not have a sense of self love, you will be bruised, battered, wounded and discouraged by the acts of men. (and women of course). It is therefore foremost that you develop, build, love, and respect yourself to be able to do same for others irrespective of what they throw at you.

Self-love will also require you to guard your space, your heart and your soul. To stay away from negative energies and vibes. To live your best life because you owe it to yourself and your maker. Take a break, talk to yourself, in fact applaud yourself for every little win, sleep if you need it, nourish your soul, body and generally take care of yourself. you have one life live it well.

My advise is; Before you take on the world, take on the project called self-love. Remember, self love is not selfishness.

#mendfences #lifelessons #lifecoaching



The year was 14th February 1997, two young love-birds on a beautiful date. clueless and totally unaware of the hurdles, challenges and turbulence to come, one asked; the other said yes and their fate was sealed.

She remembered how She envisioned it will be. she read a lot of romance novels and could identify the butterflies in her stomach. oh yes, he proposed without getting on one knee and she insisted. Always the strong one, wanting everything to be proper. Oh! he was willing to give anything to have her, getting down on one knee was the least she could as ask for ! he quickly got on his knees and asked again, she said yes! no fanfare, no crowds cheering, just two young hearts beating to the sound of love. One year later 14th of February 1998, his family were at her father’s house to ask for her hand in Marriage officially. So every 14th of February became special to them.

Fast forward 22 plus years later, He is still asking, he is still chasing, he is still patiently seeking her! her stubbornness, strength and over analysis of things makes it difficult sometimes; his temper (oh yes no one is perfect) threatens to burn it all down too many times! Waters around them have tried drowning it, but the ship is still sailing. Today, another 14th of February, though they are miles apart; their hearts yearn for each other! the butterflies have been replaced by a very matured kind of love, that declares “through the waters, I will be with you”. they are aging and growing old together!


She is the love crusader, he is the love crooner! She is the serious one, he the carefree one! She is the fearful one, He is the faithful one, she is quick to run when hurt, he is quick to mend when hurt! they cannot be more opposite of each other however, they have one sure foundation in common; their faith in God! they have come this far by faith.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone out there, May love fill our hearts and home always! I hope you find true love today and that it lasts your lifetime! #mendfences #lovethewomanyoumarried #alovestory #love is patient #valentinesday

NB, his new mantra #marrythewomanyoulove


ode' on Twitter: "*TEACHER* : One day our country will be corruption free.  What tense is that?? *Student*: Future impossible tense... *THE STRUGGLE  CONTINUES*"


HI everyone, just feel the need to bring this issue to the fore. the picture above is that of a man named ODE A. OGHOGHO. He calls himself chairman of Viscount holdings. he is holding over 2.7 billion naira of people money in Nigeria. my money inclusive. under the guise of a microfinance bank/cooperative, this man collected our monies for over 4 years now and no refund. he is being protected by the Nigerian police, EFCC and the cooperative society directorate in FCT

it is so bad that any lawyer you contact, is intimidated into silence. the above link on the ultimatum given was one of the best move made to recover investors monies, rather than assist us, the Nigerian Police in Abuja, arrested and intimidated the then chairman Mr Okumo. As at the time of this writing, no emails, no calls, no news about our monies.

who will come to the aid of the Masses in Nigeria, this is happening under the nose of the government claiming to fight corruption. below is the last email from Viscount and Ode in 2018.

Update on Investments and LiquidationYahoo/Inbox

  • viscount cooperative <>To:and 14 more…Tue, 2 Jan 2018 at 15:16

    Dear Investors/Members/Cooperators, I am pleased to welcome you to the New Year and wish you a fruitful, fulfilling and flourishing year ahead. 2017 was an eventful year for Viscount Cooperative but ultimately, the pains of everyone was felt and all regretted. As request, that we should be given till end of December 2017 for us to use all means recover funds and begin to make payment as appropriate to members. We did all best to do, and results we recorded however not too encouraging but lots of very significant activities took place. 1.       Recovery CommitteeAs demanded and unequivocally constituted, the 25 Man Recovery Committee set-up on 30th September 2017 to join and help Viscount Cooperative pursue debtors, collaterals in order to pay people met severally and at the close of December 2017, gave ultimatum to several of these debtors which feel back was yet to be reviewed by the end of last year. If the latter aggression and pursuits of the Committee had started before 2nd week of December, much more would have been achieve but the ‘probing and investigation’ of the Cooperative and myself was very cardinal to the Committee to which I was glad they did as it gave members the confidence to go after these debtors and properties having the facts of all transactions. I am convinced that the Leadership of the Committed will give due update on their activisms to Investors that set them up. Also, inform you on demands they placed to the IGP over Viscount Cooperative and Ode Oghogho. 
    2.       Summary of AffairsIn the course of this three months, and in a bid to certify all due to members, a very elaborate Forensic Audit was done on all funds given to the Cooperative since her inception in 2011; it was realised as follows: a.)   Over 1,954 members since inception;b.)   Total managed funds is over N3billion;c.)   Total returns to member is over N5billion  Current Investments breakdown shows: a.)   71% of all Investors/Members have overtime gotten monthly returns over and above their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative, in some case over twice; b.)   22% of all Investors/Members have received not less than 60% of their given amounts via monthly returns; c.)   5% of all Investors/Members have received between 20% – 55% of their given amount via monthly returns; d.)   only 4% of Investors/Members falls on 0% -15% of their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative.  3. Schedule of Liquidation We will begin liquidating Investors this January and this will take some months but our scheduling will be set on the following Priorities: a). The 4% of Investors/Members that falls on 0% -15% of their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative; then b).  The 5% of all Investors/Members who have received between 20% – 55% of their given amount via Monthly returns to Viscount Cooperative; then, c). The 22% of all Investors/Members who have received not less than 60% of their given amounts to Viscount Cooperative; then, d).  The 71% who have received over and above their given amount to Viscount Cooperative. Our engagement to these categories will be to quickly pay the of balance funds from the total sum paid monthly while as more funds are recovered, the outstanding will be attended to more robustly.  
    4. List of all Investors, with full names, amount invested, amount paid so far. By Saturday 6th January 2018, the full and comprehensive list of all Investors, Amount Invested, Amount paid so far, other details of Investors will be published at, the Abuja Inquiry Newspaper, office of the IG of Police (Special Tactical Squad), The office of the Director of Operations, EFCC, The Chief Registrar of Cooperative, FCT and other medium as compelled by the hate-talks and denial by some persons. Please, all Investors are enjoined to verify all information contained therein to as the details will guide the Cooperative in the Course of Liquidation and further engagements.

     5. Investors using EFCC, NPF to Persecute Ode & Viscount Cooperative. I do not want to appeal to anyone not to write petitions against Viscount Cooperative or Ode but please, add your payment history to the petition as it has become very embarrassing to these agencies on most petitions when facts are presented by us and it totally contradict the lies and ill-thoughts of most complainants. Also, the principal reason why we would have to stagger Liquidations is because, since September 2017 till date, I had over new 18 Invitations, arrests and detentions despite my pleas for time to chase debtors and pay people. Same as before the meeting was held. The saddest part of this is that persons who have been paid twice their funds with the Cooperative but would manufacture stories against us to screw the anger of law enforcement agencies against Ode or the Cooperative; all these will amount to waste of precious time and further delay people from getting their money. 

    6. More Members/Cooperative Interactions and Interface. The Cooperative will open for business from 8th January 2018 restructured, better and bolder; we will do weekly updates on the website and reorganise our Customer Service Lines for closer ties to Members. 

    7. Appeal to Investors
    Sirs and Mas, we totally commend your patience and ask that we are doing all to recover these funds and have progress; some debtors have willing decided to vacate their properties after constant visits by Investors and Committee. This give more confidence that our pledge to start liquidation after December 2017 will come to fruition. Please, visit, or read Abuja Iniquiry Newspapers, or Visit the IGP STS office & 
    The Chief Registrar of Cooperative, FCT to verify the list of Investors, Amounts collected so far by Investors, and more information about coming liquidations.
     Thank you and have a favoured Year.  Ode Oghogho,CEO, Viscount Cooperative
    1. IGP Special Tactical Force;2. The Chief Registrar Of Cooperative, FCT;3. The Director of Operations, EFCC;

    The above was in 2018, please where is Ode and Viscount now, what are the police, EFCC, and statutory agents including media houses done on this matter? why is there total silence? when will investors get their monies? Somebody please help
  • #ngrpolice #ode_oghogho @ode_oghogho, #Viscountmcs #Viscountmfb #EFCC

Pastors wife and the need to keep face.

The world woke up to the recent case of Prophet Ofori brutally killing his wife Barbara Tammey, last week. It brought to mind a few things I would love to share with the pastors’ wife.

Photos of Tommey, the beautiful wife of the Ghanaian pastor who was shot  dead by her husband - GhPage

The pastor (or Prophet, apostle, bishop, evangelist. etc) whatever his tittle is a man like any other. The pressure of ministry is enormous and quite challenging for them. Many times the wife is at the end of the stick bearing the brunt. That being said, do not EVER BE TEMPTED TO STAY IN AN ABUSIVE MARRIAGE TO KEEP FACE. Most times the Pastors’ wife is blackmailed to remain in a toxic marriage because of the ministry. Oh if you leave him, it will destroy the Ministry; not true! it is not you destroying the ministry it is the pastor who is tearing down what he is supposed to build with his own hands.

In the Video where Sylvester threaten to kill Barbara, her brother asked her to take action but she could be heard saying “i do not want to escalate this further”. there is a lot in that statement. she is dead so we can only postulate as follows;

  1. I do not want the church to know we are having issues – they know now
  2. I do not want to be the reason his ministry is destroyed – it is now
  3. I still want to maintain my glory as “first lady” or mama in the church – sorry
  4. I am hoping he will change, after all he is a man of God – he got worse
  5. I cannot start all over again – opportunity to start again denied

All of the above finally happened and worse she is dead at 27 years. There is no tittle in heaven. You have your own purpose here on earth and should live to fulfill it. The glory and glamour that comes with being a Pastors’ wife should not blindside anyone to live in an abusive relationship. The fear of what people will say has sent many to an early grave.

Seek help if you need it. Protect yourself and your life! leave if counselling does not work for you. Be alive to fulfill your destiny! you have been called to greater. stop coming out to put up a good front while you die in silent. Take care of yourself, the pressure of running your home, career and ministry alongside your husband is immense already. Do not add the burden of an abusive spouse to it.

May the soul of Barbara Tammey rest in the Lord. I never knew or met you but i wished your life was not cut short so gruesomely. No one deserves to die in the hands of those who claim to love them.

Enough is Enough! Stop Domestic Violence! Enough is enough! speak out! Enough is Enough! stop killing women!

#BabaraTammey! #mendfences #2rutalkwithPstC,

Character vs Relationships

Character Building Quotes and Fun - Home | Facebook

Introduction: One of the most impressive architectural feats and the greatest military defense project in history is the Great Wall of China. In 1987, UNESCO designated the Great Wall a World Heritage site, and a popular controversial claim that emerged in the 20th century holds that it is the only man-made structure that is visible from space.

Originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang (c. 259-210 B.C.) in the 3rd Century B.C. as a means of preventing incursions from Mongolians and barbarian nomads into the Chinese Empire, the wall is one of the most extensive construction projects ever completed.

History has it that when the ancient Chinese decided to live in peace, they made the Great Wall of China; they thought no one could climb it due to its height. During the first 100 years of its existence, the Chinese were invaded thrice and every time, the hordes of enemy infantry had no need of penetrating or climbing over the wall, because each time, they bribed the guards and came through the doors.

The Chinese built the wall, but forgot the character – building of the wall-guards. Though the Great Wall has over the years become a powerful symbol of the country’s enduring strength and spirit, it has actually been a good reminder to the Chinese of the superiority of human character. How many people and homes had been invaded, looted and devastated by the enemy through the bribery of ego, self-indulgence, insincerity and unfaithfulness? The scriptures says.” *while men slept, the enemy came and sow tares into the harvest and go their way”.

The Chinese realized much later that the best defense against the enemy is not a fortified wall, but a fortified character. Thus, the building of human character comes before building of anything else

A man’s character is his fate. Heraclitus Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States (US), said: “Nothing can stop the man with the *right mental attitude* from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the *wrong mental attitude*”

Character is the summation of the principles you have down on the inside by which you live your life. It is the mental and moral attributes, whether good or evilthat defines you as an individual. A Person of Character demonstrates uncompromising integrity throughout the situations of life.

I want to say emphatically that *character is not optional;* it is sacrosanct to the future that God has planned for you and your home. No matter where you place prayers, character matters. *One of the greatest fraud in life is religion without character.* A man without character is recklessly alive. Anointing without character ends in annoyance!

A person’s character is based on their overall actions and qualities and should not be based on one or two isolated instances.

A. Examples,

1. King David was a man of good character (1 Samuel 13:14) but he was not without sin (2 Samuel 11).

2. King Ahab may have done one or two things right (1 Kings 22:35), but overall… he was still a man who had bad character (1 Kings 16:33).

Characters that build relationships – proverbs 4 vs 23-27

  1. Truth – faithfulness proverbs 12 vs. 19, 22
  2. Humility – remove pride and ego
  3. Selflessness – Understand that people do not exist to serve you; you exist to serve them. Greatness is in the place of service.
  4. Hospitability- treat people kindly – we must learn to treat people with courtesy. The Shunammite woman must have been praying for a child all through her life. By being hospitable to a man of God, she eventually got her much-awaited miracle. *It wasn’t prayer that opened the door for her; it was her character.* Assuming she wasn’t hospitable, she would have missed a critical miracle.
  5. Integrity – let your yes be yes! loyalty
  6. Gratefulness – Eliminate all sense of entitlement
  7. Empathy – put yourself in the shoes of others
  8. Self-discipline –set boundaries for yourself
  9. Forgiveness – forgive the unforgivable
  10.  Christ-like heart – what will Jesus do?

What we often call our destiny is truly our character, and since that character can change, then destiny can be altered. *Character is destiny*.

British writer and politician, Thomas Macaulay (1800-1859), said: “*the measure of a man’s character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.”* I have often said that what would ultimately destroy a man going to high places in life is not really the enemies that are waiting for him there, but the character that followed him there.

The Consequences of Bad Character

A. Today’s decisions determine tomorrow’s circumstances.

1. Consider Adam and his choice (see Genesis 3). Adam’s wrong decision led to such terrible consequences — not only for himself, but for all of mankind – Romans 5:12 KJV (page 84). . Every one of the problems that you are facing right now — whether it be a generational curse, a disease, financial lack, feelings of insecurity, or low self-esteem — all these negative things are the result of Adam’s poor character

2. Jacob lied to his father and cheated his brother out of his birthright; then he ran away to his uncle Laban’s house (see Genesis 27). But the seeds of deception that Jacob sowed to obtain the birthright would later reap a harvest of consequences that would adversely affect him the rest of his life.

3. Choices are the only factors that decide whether God schedules our blessings or we schedule our consequences.

a. Consequences are dictated by the universal law of sowing and reaping.

b.   God cannot change the consequences of our choices without repentance and the application of His grace.

B.   A lack of character creates the platform for the destruction of intimacy.

This is the test you face every day in the area of character. Are you going to be transparent with God and others, or are you going to look for ways to hide from intimacy by covering up your lack of character? (See Genesis 3:6-10.) It drives your destiny helpers from you! Leads to an unhappy life, a life of much struggle.

C.      Bad character can truncate your purpose in life!

Saul lost a kingdom because of lack of character. He started well. In the beginninghe was too humble to approach the man of God without an offering (see 1 Samuel 9:6, 7).

 But he ended badly (see 1 Samuel 15). The prophet declared, “You have rejected the word of the Lord, and the Lord has rejected you from being king over Israel” – 1 Samuel 15:26 NKJV

We develop character by:

1. Control our thoughts and Guarding our hearts (Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 15:18-20) and (Philippians 4:8-9),

2. Practicing Christian conduct (2 Peter 1:5-8), kill yesterday, make the choice to develop Christian character. Our life today is a sum of 400 years of choices!

3. Keeping good company (1 Corinthians 15:33).


We have become so spiritually in tune through prayers that we neglect the place of character and our relationship with people. Many are actually ‘heavenly’ bound, but with no earthly relevance. You can speak with spiritual eloquence, pray in public and maintain a holy appearance, but it is your behavior and character that will actually trigger the manifestation of all that God has for you.

Many times, we pray, fast and bind demons that don’t exist when our real demons are just our greatly flawed character. _Many have insulted people that were divinely placed and orchestrated to help them fulfill their destiny. Some people are keeping malice with their destiny helpers.

Treat people with respect. 

Treat strangers with courtesy. 

Never look down on anybody. God can use anyone to change your story.

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. The way we treat people we think can’t help or hurt us, like housekeepers, waiters, and secretaries, tells more about our character than how we treat people we think are important. _How do you treat people?

Prayer is not EVERYTHING! Build relationships, build your family and don’t ever forget that God will always use man. Be mindful of your words and how you speak to people. Work seriously on your character and attitude towards life.

William Shakespeare captured it succinctly when he said: “The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves*

“EACH GIVES WHAT HE HAS” How very true! You can only give what you have.


Happy Fathers’ day!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!! Today, we celebrate the exceptional men who are Heroes, Husbands. fathers, protectors, priests and providers for their homes! It is always a beautiful site when we see fathers and their children, bonding or just staying together! There is this confident that comes from having a great relationship with your father! trust me i know what i am talking about.

Free Father's Day eCards - Inspiring Cards for Dad!

However, Father absence and “fatherlessness” is a worldwide phenomenon and a
worldwide tendency in communities (Freeks 2013:3; Freeks 2016). Research
was done in twenty one countries of the world i.e. America, Russia, South
Africa, Brazil, Grenada, Seychelles, Chattanouga, and others, and in every
country, father absence and fatherlessness was identied as the biggest
problem (Carstens 2014:9–11; cf. also Richter et al. 2012, Freeks et al.
2015:22–24; Freeks 2013:8–18; Freeks 2011:1–4; Freeks & Lotter 2009:520–
524; Freeks 2004:1–6). e following statistics caused havoc in terms of
family and societies in America:
• 63% of suicides come from fatherless homes,
• 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions come from fatherless
• 80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger come from fatherless
• 40% of all children do not live with their biological fathers,
• 85% of children with behavioural problems come from fatherless
• 90% of homeless children come from fatherless homes,
Freeks • STJ 2017, Vol 3, No 1, 89–113 91
• 71% of children who do not nish school come from fatherless homes
(Carsten 2014; Fathers for life 2013; Statistics South Africa 2011;
Goodsell & Meldrum 2010).
Further, the following statistics indicated a great concern in communities
in America, regarding men:
• Men commit 90% of major crimes.
• Men commit 100% of rapes.
• Men commit 95% of burglaries.
• Men commit 91% of the oenses against the family.
• Men comprise 94% of drunk drivers (Carstens 2014:10).
The above statistics has prompted the question on my mind today, where are the fathers? where are the gate keepers and defenders of their wives and Children? Ever wondered why evil is on the increase globally? One major reason is the failure of fathers! Do not just be the ATM dispensing cash and presents rather be the father that is hands on! The one that is building a legacy! do not settle for being a sperm donor! be a true father!

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Happy Fathers’ day to all true fathers out there! May you not labor in vain!

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As I watch so many people on the street protesting against RACISM especially against the black race, my thought keep going in one direction. I am speaking myself as a strong black woman. This is the question i want to address today. “What is the moral justification for a black man who robs, rapes, maim, kills and vilify his fellow black man to protest against racism!

How can we expect people of other races and colors to respect and love us, when we do not respect or love ourselves? the black race is a strong one globally. we can compete and excel any where, anytime and in any sector/facet of life!

History has shown that nothing makes the black man lesser than any other race. however, our biggest challenge is ourselves. How can others love us when we do not love ourselves? how can they trust us when we do not trust ourselves? how can others respect us when we do not respect ourselves? Charity they say; begins at home! let us as black people model through our lifestyles how other should treat us!

Black people need to show others that BLACK LIVES MATTER! not just carrying placards in protest, but teaching the world how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves!



Quotes about Man's inhumanity (35 quotes)

What separates man from other creatures of God is our HUMANITY. The quality of being HUMANE. I heard of times before now when everyone was everyone’s keeper! i know of times when it was safe to walk on the streets. To run around naked, to play in the sandhill just down the street, to visit rivers together with other kids from the neighbourhood. I want those times back!

My siblings and I used to hawk food; raw in the morning and cooked in the evening in a Village called Kpakungu in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. We were so poor and had to hawk to assist the family. i remember clearly that for the cooked food; most of our customers were young unmarried men. we could go into a compound with 10 rooms and each room would be occupied by a young man! we were never molested. for almost 3 years, we walked and hawked on those streets and no one took advantage of us! Now we lock up our children in the house for fear of rapists. children can no longer stroll to the parks or go study in a quiet place!

Today and in this generation

  1. Fathers rape their daughters!
  2. Police kill those they are meant to protect!
  3. Husbands abuse wives, they claim to love!
  4. Wives are killing their husbands in retaliation!
  5. Guys gang rape a girl (wait for it, IN A CHURCH)!
  6. Leaders praise evil and fight the good!
  7. Thieves are worshiped, genuine people are criticized!
  8. Humans are judged by the color of our skin!
  9. Ritual killings on the rise!
  10. Drug and alcohol abuse has become the new normal!

Watching the video of how Floyd was senselessly killed was so heartrending, how can we not be moved by the cries of our fellow man! Looking at the senseless killings of Africans by Africans, the rape and abuse of women and children globally? One can only ask the following questions?

What happened to our humanity? where did the fear of God go? where is our love for each other? where did we lose it? how did we become this “coldhearted” generation without feelings for others? a generation without thoughts for posterity? without fear of karma?

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We need to collectively make the choice to become HUMANE again! To allow the milk of kindness, mercy, compassion flow again. To return moral values to our homes and families! To make the world a better place for our children and children unborn! To let love dictate our tunes rather than hate!

Bring back our humanity!